When a family member becomes unable to serve him or herself autonomously – because of health issues, ageing or for any other reason - it will be your natural desire to do everything you can to help such person.

In this situation the best solution is to make use of the services of a professional nurse.

Then you will make sure that you have done everything possible by providing your nearest and dearest with a 100% professional, constant, delicate and necessary care without changing your own lifestyle, activity and autonomy.

A professional nurse, graduated in medicine, will always get things done the best way possible. If necessary, she will be able to provide any kind of assistance – give an injection, measure blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature – without disturbing the person in care.

She will demonstrate tolerance, mercy and concern in any situation that might occur to your near relative.

A nurse can stay by your relative's side as long as needed, remaining alert and performing her duties diligently.