Baby Nurse

A baby nurse or a newborn care specialist is a profession requiring particularly attentive approach and education in the fields of medicine, paediatrics, foundations of child psychology and interpersonal relations.

A baby is much more influenced by the external world, so it is important to ensure professional nursing and care from the very first days of life. Thus you will lay basis of your baby's health, harmonious development and happy smile.

Independently on whether it is the first baby or not, the mom always needs qualified baby care assistance. If care, even partly, is in the hands of a reliable person, she will be able to have a proper rest, dedicate more time to herself or to other matters and keep evolving as a person, enjoying maternity for real instead of being fettered by it.

Our candidate baby nurses undergo particularly rigorous selection where we pay attention to every aspect: field-specific education, professional experience, references, personal features as well as appearance and manners.


  • sanitary and hygienic procedures – tempering, bathing
  • feeding with an infant formula product or balanced meal in line with the age
  • outdoor walks
  • washing the baby's tableware and laundry with sterilization and disinfection
  • massage, prophylactic or upon prescription
  • prevention of accidents and guarding the baby
  • developing games and facetious sayings, preparation for the nursery school
  • ability to provide medical assistance in case of a disease or age peculiarities (infantile colic, tooth eruption, altered defecation pattern etc.)

Be sure that a nurse for your baby provided by Domestic Staff MC will perform her duties with full responsibility, establish contact with you and your baby, have all the necessary permits to live and work at the Côte d'Azur, as well as to travel with your family.