(with foreign language skills, native English, French or other foreign languages speaker).
In conception of Domestic Staff MC agency a governess is a most respected and faultlessly qualified profession corresponding to European educational standards.
A governess from the UK – a native English speaker, or a French and other foreign languages speaker upon your demand – is an example of professional behavior and clean reputation in home staff branch.
Governess services are in demand by people of a good taste who carry about the future of their children and able to value long-term investments of that kind.
A governess from England is intended to manage comprehensively with education, upbringing, etiquette, impeccable manners, foreign languages training and preparation of your child to English college or university.
Most commonly, a governess lives together with her apprentice, devoting maximum time and energy to her professional duties that works towards the best result and child’s progress.
Such intercommunication is impossible without establishing of psychological link and friendly relations between a governess and a family where she works.
Governesses proposed by our agency comply with all the mentioned above requirements, while having essential personal qualities and character features.
They have the appropriate certificates confirming a high standard of professional behavior and other required documents for staying in Europe.